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Photo credits: Jana Sipkova (winner of the 2019 PDN Symposium Image Competition)

The PDN Symposium committee are pleased to announce our annual Image and Video Competition!
Below are the entries for the 2021 PDN Symposium Video competition.
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Video 1

The busy life of
transcription factors

Single Molecule Tracking of Halo-tagged transcription factor, Suppressor of Hairless, in Drosophila salivary gland nucleus.

Video 2
This is a video of a microCT of a pygmy squid (Idiosepius hallami). The video shows all the slices of the pygmy squid microCT.
Video 3

Neuron in 3D

CA1 hippocampal neuron was labelled, reconstructed and animated. The neuron was filled with biocytin during a whole-cell patch clamp experiment. 

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