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Photo credits: Jana Sipkova (winner of the 2019 PDN Symposium Image Competition)

Photo credits: Dr Helene Gautier

As well as First Year Graduate Students, the PDN Symposium 2021 will also showcase research from Principal Investigators affiliated with PDN

Mekayla Storer

Regeneration at your fingertips

Elena Scarpa

Mechanical forces: squeezing nuclei and cell divisions of the Zebrafish neural crest

Joo-Hyeon Lee

Stem cells and their niches in lung regeneration

Albert Cardona

Neuronal circuits structure-function in Drosophila

Jasper Poort

Neural mechanisms of visually-guided decision-making in mice

Allan Herbison

Episodic activity in neural circuits driving fertility

Kathy Niakan

Genetic approaches to study early lineage specification in human embryos

Eleanor Raffan

Lessons on the neurobiology of appetite from man's best friend

Kevin Chalut

Mechanobiology of cell fate transitions