Photo credits: Dr Helene Gautier

The PDN Symposium 2022 will feature talks from Principal Investigators affiliated with PDN

Dr. Riccardo Beltramo
(Sir Henry Dale Fellow)

"Neocortical space for an
ancestral visual system"

Riccardo Beltramo.jpg

Dr. Courtney Hanna
(Sir Henry Dale Fellow)

"Epigenetic programming
in placental trophoblast"

Prof. David Keays

"Microtubules, Monotremes, and Magnets"

David Keays.jpg

Prof. Bénédicte Sanson

"Mechanisms of developmental morphogenesis in vivo"

Prof. Andrew Murray

"Bioenergetic signatures of survival in health and disease"

Copy of andrew-murray.jpg

Dr. Sue Jones

"Let's be clear about EDI"