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The PDN Symposium committee are pleased to announce our annual Image and Video Competition!

Below you can find the entries for our
2022 PDN Symposium Image and Video competition.

Please vote for your favourites in both categories at the bottom of this page!
Please only cast one vote per person to ensure a fair competition.

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Image 1

Sudipta Mukherjee

'Image represents a collage (resembling a spatchcock chicken) of different frog brains where Slit1 and Sema3A RNA molecules are stained using HCR.'
Image 2

Jocelyn Tang

'Image of fly pupae under an epifluorescence microscope. The transgenic flies are expressing membrane GFP under GAL4 expression. The pupal case has the mouth hooks (when it was still a larva), while the fly head and tucked in wings are visible in green.'
Image 3

Jenny Evans

'Tartan (pink) and wingless (cyan) gene expression in a germband extended Drosophila embryo.'
Image 4

Anna Malkowska

'Drosophila larval brain lobes with active and quiescent neural stem cells. Blue: H3K4me3 (chromatin), Red: Deadpan (neural stem cells), Green: Worniu (active neural stem cells).'
Video 1

Gaëlle Mailhos

'Simultaneous Calcium Imaging and Local Field Potential recording in a freely-moving mouse during sleep.'

Video 2

Claire Lye

'Tracked movement of ectodermal cells of Drosophila during mesoderm invagination and germaband extension. Tracking software was otracks (Guy Blanchard, Richard Adams).'

Video 3

Madeleine Ball

'Super-resolution spermatocyte nucleus'

Shown is a STORM super-resolution 3D Z-stack (spanning 5 microns) of the organisation of histones inside a Drosophila melanogaster primary spermatocyte nucleus. The densely packaged autosomal chromosomes can be seen as spatially separate chromosome masses at the bottom and top of the nucleus, as well as the chromatin surrounding the nucleolus on the right side. Individual fibres of transcriptionally active chromatin from the Y chromosome can be seen extending into the nuclear interior - these are known as "Y loops" and their organisation is the focus of my PhD research.

Video 4

Jocelyn Tang

'Video shows live imaging of a L3 wandering Drosophila larva. The brain is in green (worniu-GAL4 driving membrane bound GFP). The peristaltic movement of the proventriculus and gut can be clearly seen, which affects the other tissues as well (brain and fat body).'
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