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Photo credits: Jana Sipkova (winner of the 2019 PDN Symposium Image Competition)

The PDN Symposium committee are pleased to announce our annual Image and Video Competition!
Below are the entries for the 2021 PDN Symposium Image competition.
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Image 1
Accurately Tracking Epithelial Morphogenesis: Drosophila Germband and Invaginating Mesoderm
Image 2
Varying morphologies of mESCs plated on different ECM components
(Green = Phalloidin, Magenta = SiR-DNA)
Image 3
Idiosepius hallami (pygmy squid) microCT. The image is an orthographic projection of the microCT 3D view and it is false coloured.
Image 4
Transmission electron microscopy image showing where a cell has been shed from an adult Drosophila midgut epithelium mutant for an adhesion protein
Image 5

Notching the hive


During Drosophila cellularization, cell membranes grow basally until they encapsulate individual nuclei from the syncytium. At the same time, Notch accumulates in the junctions of growing membranes, and signalling initiates when membranes have only partially grown to define a stripe of cells that give rise to the ventral nerve cord. Image captured using Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) of a cellularizing Drosophila embryo stained for Notch (yellow), E-Cadherin (magenta) and F-actin (cyan).

Image 6
This is a confocal microscopy image of the stained drosophila larva brain containing a labelled convergence neuron in the brain and an ascending neuron in the VNC! The image is a z projection summing all the stacks with maximum intensity.
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