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The PDN Symposium committee are pleased to announce our annual Image and Video Competition!

Below you can find the entries for our
2023 PDN Symposium Image and Video Competition.

Please vote for your favourites in both categories at the bottom of this page!
Please only cast one vote per person to ensure a fair competition.

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Image 1


Li Huang

'Sun and sea in the olfactory bulb'


An immunohistochemistry staining of

the principal cells and interneurons of

the murine olfactory bulb.


Helena Crellin

'Dividing zebrafish enveloping layer cell'



Image 3

Georgia Lea

'Mouse placenta'


Image 4


Clara Munger

'Warhol wannabe?'

Arrayed confocal images display a binary

stem-cell based model recapitulating

primate amnion and embryonic disc segregation.

Nuclei are stained with DAPI and the apical

domain is marked with Par6. Spheroids present

two distinct morphologies that correspond to

the postimplantation epiblast - columnar

epithelium - and the amniotic ectoderm

– squamous epithelium. Both types of s

tructure are featured repetitively

to illustrate the high-throughput potential of in

vitro modelling of development.

Image 5

Martin Minarik

'Sterlet immuno'

Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) larvae in two

different stages, stained using enzymatic

metallography with anti-Sox2 antibody to show

lateral line organs and taste buds (left) and

anti-acetylated Tubulin antibody to

show cranial nerves (right).










Image 6

Margherita Battistara

'Tribolium myosin embryogenesis'







Image 7


Jana Sipkova

'Zombie growth cone looking for brains'


A Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image of

the growth cone, the tip of a growing axon,

cultured on glass. The preparation has caused

the plasma membrane of half of the growth cone

to be ripped off, revealing the cytoskeleton underneath.





Image 8


Iskra Yanakieva

'The abyss stares back'

Mosaically labelled cells in the periphery of MDCK

epithelial cell colony. As cells undergo

epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT), they

become more spread and motile. The image is

a colour-coded temporal projection of a movie

of EMT (actin shown in cyan to red between

0 h and 8 h after EMT induction).





Image 9

Sudipta Mukherjee

'Lets light it up!'

The image shows an arrangement different

live frog (Xenopus) embryos injected with

fluorescent molecules to label specific tissues.




Image 10

Lakshmi Balasubramaniam


'Doming in epithelial tissues'

MDCK cysts stained for e-cadherin, actin, nuclei.






Video 1


Paul Morris

'A lightning storm in the

arcuate kisspeptin network'

Arcuate kisspeptin

neurons synchronise intermittently

to drive pulsatile hormone release for

the maintenance of fertility.

Here we see these cells synchronising within

an in vitro brain slice.









Video 2

Lakshmi Balasubramaniam


'Migration during avian gastrulation'














Video 3

Jeanne Lefévère-Laoide


'Actin and myosin in cell division'


Live TIRF timelapse images of a HeLa cell

undergoing mitosis: only the surface of

the cell in contact with the coverslip is shown,

with actin filaments in magenta and

non-muscle myosin IIA in green.

The mitotic cell is round and anchored to the

glass with retraction fibres; after cytokinesis,

the two daughter cells spread out into angular














Video 4

Celia Garcia Cortes

'Crystal cells bursting in

hematopoietic pocket'







Video 5

Tanja Fuchsberger

'How the brain associates

memories of events that are

separated in time'

This is a video abstract of our recently

published paper in elife 'Postsynaptic

burst reactivation of hippocampal

neurons enables associative plasticity

of temporally discontiguous inputs'


Video 7

Millie Race

'Build a Brain'

Timelapse of neural tube inflating

with fluid and opening in the

hindbrain region of the Zebrafish






Video 8

Jenny Evans

'Unsquished Squash'

A representation of myosin (Sqhash-mCh) during

germband extension in the Drosophila embryo.

The colours indicate the depth of the myosin in

the z-stack. Taken using the lattice lightsheet,

with help from Martin, with further processing in Fiji.

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Thank you to all our sponsors!

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